The Telangana government has set April 2 as the deadline for the Center to collect paddy

The state government has threatened to intensify its agitation against the Center over the stalemate in paddy procurement. (File photo: PTI)

The state’s ruling Telangana State Association (TRS) has also taunted the BJP over the hike in fuel and gas prices after the five-state vote, while the Center demanded full paddy procurement from the state.

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The Telangana government on Saturday set a new deadline of April 2 for the Center to procure paddy in the state, while Ugadi warned to intensify its agitation against the BJP government over the stagnation of paddy procurement.

The state’s ruling Telangana State Association (TRS) has taunted the BJP for raising fuel and gas prices after the polls in five states. Telangana Minister T Harish Rao said, “The Modi government is only supporting corporates and businessmen by killing the poor by raising fuel and gas prices after the polls in five states.”

The state’s finance and health minister has accused the corona of resorting to fraud by looting the income of the poor and middle class in the wake of the epidemic. “We are talking about fuel surge after the polls and the Modi government has proved it. It has asked the Center to withdraw prices to save the lives of the poor,” Rao said.

“The rise in fuel and gas prices has proved and exposed the real color of the BJP government,” Rao said, accusing the party of “suppressing and burdening the people through policy failures”.

He wondered why some state BJP leaders, including Union Minister G Kisan Reddy, were failing to talk to the Center about the state’s problems.

“The Center should be asked to take some positive steps to help Kisan Reddy in the interest of the poor and the state. The BJP government is strict in denying subsidies and laxity to the poor, ”Rao said.

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Villagers are returning to Bagatui in Rampurhat under tight security, CBI has started

With additional security measures such as the installation of more than 50 CCTV cameras, the presence of police in the newly established camp and regular patrols, locals have started returning to Bagatui village in Rampurhat.

Meanwhile, as part of the investigation into the matter, the CBI today started talking to eyewitnesses in the area.

After the killing of local Trinamool Congress panchayat leader Vadu Sheikh on Monday, a mob in Bagatui village in Rampurhat area of ​​the district set fire to eight people alive in their house in an incident that sparked a massive uprising across the country and also sparked a political firestorm. Twenty-two people have been arrested so far.

In a confidence-building measure between the police and the local administration, some villagers were seen returning to Bagatui this morning.

Some villagers were seen returning to his house with their belongings. Sheikh Moti told, “We came to see, we stayed yesterday during the day and came back in the evening. Now a lot of cops so we want to come back. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. What if something happens again? “

Though not sure about the return, the villagers have expressed confidence to take the initiative to return.

Another villager, Babar Ali, said, “We have been staying since yesterday, we have gained confidence. We hope for peace now. “

Interestingly, TMC chief accused block president Anarul said yesterday that it was a conspiracy and on the day of the crime he did not receive any phone call from the villagers.

On the other hand, the CBI team will visit Batashpur where some villagers are staying and the team is likely to visit the hospital.

Yesterday, the CBI team took details of the case from the SIT and held a detailed meeting on the matter.

The Central Forensic Team also took samples from the crime scene. They did 3D laser scanning and took 3D representations of the whole area, sources said.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Soumitra Khan will sit in a dharna in front of the SDO office in Rampurhat demanding justice for the victims.

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Discouraged by poll defeat, TMC decides to remain stable, expand presence in Goa

The Trinamool Congress (TMC) failed to win a single seat in the recently concluded Goa Assembly elections. (File photo)

In a review meeting held on Saturday, the TMC has decided to stay in Goa for the next five years to form and expand its party there to make up for its poor performance in the Goa Assembly elections.

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The Trinamool Congress (TMC) seems disappointed with its poor performance in the recent Goa Assembly elections and has decided that it is not time to pack up yet.

At a review meeting held on Saturday to dissect its performance in the state, the TMC decided to stay in Goa for the next five years to form and expand the team there.

The meeting was attended by about 60 leaders including Abhishek Banerjee, Derek O’Brien, Sushmita Dev, Ashok Tanwar and Sourav Chakraborty. National General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee has announced his decision to stay in Goa despite losing the election.

Speaking to News18, TMC MP Sushmita Dev said, “In Goa, we met candidates and office bearers who stood by the party. Very few of those who have left the team have given birth to a healthy situation for us internally. This is a new chapter for us where we as a team have shown our determination to stay in Goa and work for the people of Goa through the local leaders of Goa. “

“We will guide and support them but they will lead Goa. The defeat of the Congress in five states has further strengthened our case as a rival of the BJP among the people of Goa. We will continue to work with our Goa leaders to build strong relationships with the people. The outcome of this meeting should put an end to all speculations that TMC has come to Goa for an investigation. We are committed to working in Goa as a political party. I hope I can win people’s hearts. BJP’s victory is not a popular mandate. It is manipulated, “Dev added

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Goose Congress has formed a social media team before the state assembly elections

About 200 activists have been working to disseminate party work information to voters and fight against fake news. (File photo: PTI)

Gujarat Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi said the new appointees include 41 district and metro-level presidents, 15 vice-presidents, 30 general secretaries, 44 secretaries and 60 members of the executive committee.

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The Gujarat Congress has restructured its social media party ahead of the state assembly elections later this year and has deployed about 200 workers to disseminate information about the party’s work among voters and counter fake news, a party spokesperson said on Sunday.

Gujarat Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi told PTI that the new appointees include 41 district and metro-level presidents, 15 vice-presidents, 30 general secretaries, 44 secretaries and 60 members of the executive committee.

“The party has announced a new party to manage its social media presence before the election. Officials are being held accountable, and the party plans to hold a mega meet on social media in the coming days, “he said.

Dedicated party workers in the party and “not a paid force like other political parties”, he claimed. “They will inspire our other workers and set up a network that has a presence on social media platforms so that they can play a role in preventing fake news and misinformation about the party and playing an effective role in the forthcoming Assembly elections,” he said. Stay engaged on all kinds of social media platforms, including the level WhatsApp group.

“Their biggest role will be to expose the lies spread by the BJP and reveal the truth,” he added. The BJP has been in power in the state since 1995

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Muslims now believe in Modi, Adityanath, says UP’s only minority minister

Danish Azad Ansari, the only Muslim minister in Uttar Pradesh, claimed on Sunday that his community was warming up to the BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The Balia resident was inducted into the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government as Minister of State on Friday and will have to be elected to the state assembly within the next six months to continue in the post.

Ansari said the Muslim community was now dispelling “illusions” created by opposition parties such as the Samajwadi Party, the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Congress. “The BJP is now gaining the love of the Muslim community and the love of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the North. The Chief Minister of the province, Yogi Adityanath, is growing in the Muslim community,” he told PTI.

Ansari, 34, said Modi’s all-out, all-faith, all-encompassing vision was expanding the BJP’s vote base and attracting more Muslims to the BJP, Ansari, 34, added.

He claimed that the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and the 2022 Assembly elections indicate this. But the BJP did not field any Muslim candidate in the just-concluded UP Assembly elections. Its ally Apna Dal (S) nominated Haider Ali Khan from Suar in Rampur and he was defeated.

There was also a Muslim member in the previous Adityanath government – Mohsin Raja, a state minister. Ansari claimed that the opposition thought of Muslims only as a vote bank but the Muslim community now realizes that the SP, BSP and Congress have always cheated them. The Muslim community understands that only Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will work for their real development, he said.

The Minister said that Modi dreamed of making India a world leader and all the youth and the Muslim community have a vital role to play in making it a reality. He said it was the dream of Modi and Adityanath that every section of society would be connected to the mainstream of development and they would fulfill it.

He said there should be an effort to take government projects to the grassroots. He said the Adityanath government would take input on what needs to be done for the betterment of the Muslim community, especially the youth. Education is a fundamental right and synonymous with development and he will make special efforts to take the Muslim community forward in this regard, Ansari said.

He said he would take initiative to link urban schools with technical education. Ansari joined the All India Student Council (ABVP) in 2010 while studying at Lucknow University. He holds a Masters in Public Administration and Quality Management.

He was nominated to the Urdu language committee of the previous Adityanath government in October 2018 and was made general secretary of the BJP’s minority cell just before the assembly elections. Portfolios for members of the new Adityanath Ministry have not yet been announced. The BJP and its allies have won 273 seats in the 403-member state assembly

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Mayawati presides over meeting on voting route, handing over nephew Akash Anand to elders

Mayawati, head of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, presided over a review meeting on Sunday, following the party’s landslide defeat in the UP assembly elections. At a meeting held at the BSP office in Lucknow, Mayawati handed over the responsibility of overseeing party affairs in the state to her nephew Akash Anand, who is the party’s national coordinator.

Before the meeting began, Mayawati removed her four spokespersons. Three new BSP in-charges – Munkad Ali, Rajkumar Gautam and Dr Vijay Pratap – have been appointed who will report directly to Mayawati.

Reviewing the possible reasons for the BSP’s defeat in the UP elections, Mayawati’s party workers have directed to formulate a new strategy for the future. Sources said he also sought feedback from booth-level leaders. In the recently-concluded UP elections, the BSP could get only one seat in the 403-member House, with the party’s vote share dropping to 13%.

Meanwhile, Shah Alam alias Guddu Jamali, who left the BSP and contested the UP elections on an AIMIM ticket, has rejoined the BSP. He will now contest the Lok Sabha by-election in Azamgarh constituency following the resignation of Akhilesh Yadav, who resigned as an MP to continue as MLA from Karhal constituency.

Umashankar Singh, the only BSP MLA to win from Baliar’s Rasara assembly constituency, was present at the meeting. Senior BSP leaders including BSP National General Secretary Satish Chandra Mishra were also present. Speaking to media before the meeting, Umashankar Singh said, “I may be alone in the assembly but I am equal to 100 people. I will continue to protest against the wrong policy of the government. Our party is ready for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. “

The meeting discussed the strategy for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and the way forward. In the 2019 elections, the BSP, which had contested the elections in alliance with the SP, won 10 seats.

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BJP will protest if it tries to influence CBI probe into Birbhum murder: Mamata

Eight people, including two children, were killed in violence at Bagatui village in Rampurhat. (File photo: News18)

BJP state spokesperson Samik Bhattacharya alleged that the TMC had lost all credibility and acceptability after the Bagatui incident.

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday said that the Trinamool Congress (TMC) would protest if the CBI-BJP probe into the Birbhum killings was carried out as directed. “I still think there is a conspiracy behind the Rampurhat incident. The CBI has taken charge, it is a good decision, but if they only follow the BJP’s instructions, we are ready to protest, “the chief minister said.

The ruling TMC has accused the BJP of trying to influence the CBI probe into the Bagtui village killings in Birbhum. The saffron team, on the other hand, complained that the TMC had lost all credibility since the March 22 incident where eight of the victims were women and children.

“The BJP has forgotten the killings in Gujarat a few years back. It is now crocodile crying for the Bagatui incident, for which immediate action has already been taken. We reiterate that the state government is committed to ensuring justice for the victims irrespective of their political affiliation. “Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited the area within two days of the incident and met the families of the victims. We are right about a fair, impartial and speedy CBI investigation. However, in the last one or two days, there are indications that the BJP is trying to influence the central agency’s investigation for its own political interests. We oppose any such move, ”TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh told reporters.

He said the party would “wait and see” how the probe would proceed in the next few days before deciding on the future response of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). “We are cooperating with the CBI in all possible ways,” Ghosh said

BJP state spokesperson Samik Bhattacharya alleged that the state’s ruling party had “lost all credibility and acceptability” after the Bagatui incident and declined to comment on the TMC’s allegations.

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Yadav has condemned the Yogi government for the suicide of two Jhansi girls, police have denied sex

Police, however, denied Yadav’s claim that the two sisters had been sexually harassed, and said they had eaten poison, accusing police of inaction in harassing their neighbors over a dispute over watering a house under construction. (Photo: PTI)

All criminals and officials involved and those who patronize them must face an impartial investigation. The safety of sisters and daughters should be the first indicator of law and order, ”Akhilesh Yadav said in a tweet in Hindi.

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On Sunday, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav attacked Yogi Adityanath Sarkar for protecting women in Uttar Pradesh, citing an incident in Jhansi where two sisters were poisoned after being harassed by police for alleged sexual harassment. Police, however, denied Yadav’s claim that the two sisters had been sexually harassed, and said they had eaten poison, accusing police of inaction in harassing their neighbors over a dispute over watering a house under construction.

“It is unfortunate that two sisters who were sexually harassed in Jhansi have lost their hope and got poisoned by the police. All criminals and officials involved and those who patronize them must face an impartial investigation. The safety of sisters and daughters should be the first indicator of law and order, ”Akhilesh Yadav said in a tweet in Hindi.

In response to Yadav’s allegations, Jhansi police claimed in a tweet that the allegations of sexual harassment of the two girls were false and that they had a quarrel with a neighbor woman and her son Rahul over watering a house under construction. After the incident of poisoning of girls came to light, the police acted on the matter and registered an FIR against the mother-son duo, Jhansi police said on its Twitter handle.

Police have also formed a team to arrest the accused, they said. Jhansi police said it had immediately dismissed police station in-charge JP Yadav for failing to take appropriate action on the girls’ allegations and directed a departmental inquiry against him.

Doctors said the girl’s condition was normal.

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The BJD registered a landslide victory in the urban local body elections, followed by the BJP

The Biju Janata Dal (BJD) has emerged victorious in the Urban Local Body (ULB) elections. The results of 105 Municipalities / Advertised Area Councils (NACs) and three Municipal Corporations of Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Berhampur were declared.

BJD Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Berhampur have won 76 municipalities / NACs in three municipal corporations and chairperson seats in mayoral seats.

The BJP is in second place with 16 chairperson seats, while the Congress has won 7 seats and independent candidates 9 seats.

Out of 67 corporator seats in Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC), BJD has won 48 seats, BJP 10 seats and Congress 9 seats. BJD has won 38 of the 59 corporate seats in Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC). , Followed by the Congress (8), the BJP (7), and the Independent (6).

In Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BEMC), out of 42 seats, BJD has won 30 corporate seats and BJP candidates have won 7 seats. Congress has won only one seat where independent candidates have won four corporate seats. BJD mayoral candidates have won seats at comfortable intervals in all the three corporation cities.

BJD President Naveen Patnaik congratulated all the winning BJD candidates and praised the hard work of the party workers.

Thanking the people for restoring confidence in his party, BJD president Naveen Patnaik said in a tweet: “Thank you to all the people of Orissa for their overwhelming support in the Orissa municipal elections. This victory is an expression of love for BJD Orissa and a reflection of the tireless work of thousands of party workers. OdishaLovesBJD ”

Similarly, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan congratulated all the winning BJP candidates and thanked those who voted for the BJP in the urban elections.

On the other hand, the turnout is increasing in favor of BJD. Out of 105 chairpersons, BJD won 73 seats. The BJP has won 16 seats, with the Congress winning seven and the Independent nine. Similarly, out of 105 municipalities and 1,716 councilor seats in the NAC, BJD won 1,175 seats, and BJD’s vote share also increased. The ruling BJD was able to win 50% of the vote in the council elections. BJP 27%, Congress 12%, Independents 9% and NOTA and others 1%. BJD’s vote share has decreased in the election of chairperson. The party lost 2% of the vote and was able to get 48% of the vote. The BJP has risen from 2% to 29%, the Congress 12%. The BJP has claimed that it has won 88 seats in 108 NACs and municipalities, an indication for the 2024 general elections.

“Opposition is failing due to lack of credible leadership. When the ruling party is reaching out to the people through various public welfare projects, the opposition has no specific issue. Now is the time. Opposition wants to review and correct it,” said Ravi Das, a veteran journalist.

In the panchayat elections, BJD was able to get 90% of the seats and formed district councils in 766 zones out of a total of 852 ZPs. BJD has formed district councils in 30 districts. The BJD got 52.73% of the vote, the BJP 30.7%, the Congress 13.57% and the others 3.16%.

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The Yadadri temple is fully prepared for the grand inauguration on Monday; Chief Minister Tagana will be present,

After several disasters, the famous Yadadri temple is set for a grand inauguration for the people of Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday.

The Chief Minister, who had allocated Rs 1,280 crore for the renovation of the temple, will offer prayers at 11.55 am as part of the auspicious Mahasamproksha Yagam of the temple.

Interestingly, the husband of spiritual leader Chinna Jaira, who was named Yadagirigutta ‘Yadadri’, is less likely to attend the ceremony.

Temple executive officer (EO) Geetha said they did not extend any special invitation to the husband as everyone was welcomed for the grand inauguration. “The grand program will be conducted on March 28 at 11.55 am in the midst of the Maha Kumbh Broadcasting Yagam,” he said.

Authorities have arranged for the grand inauguration of the Yadadri temple with Maha Kumbh broadcasts and other pujas.

On 21st March, the priests of the temple started a 7-day ritual to mark the grand inauguration with 108 urns and 108 urns which used water from Kaleshwaram for the temple which is the abode of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swami.

The Chief Minister will dedicate the temple to the country. Fans will be allowed to visit after 5 pm and special pujo will be offered to mark the glorious resumption of Lakshmi Narsingh Swami Temple.

A spectacular treat of sculpture for visitors to the Yadadri temple with its magnificent architecture. Brightly illuminated in alluring colors, the Yadadri temple boasts of the majesty of its structure, along with the innumerable variety of wonderful sculptures.

The temple features statues of various deities in a unique combination of Kakatiya, Pallava, Chalukya and Dravidian architecture. Inside the temple, devotees are greeted with spectacular arches with 52 gold urns and four small temples and 22 beautifully carved pillars.

The main hall of the temple is a must see as it is 52 feet long and 36 feet wide with ample natural light and ventilation.

The temple has 12 colorful chandeliers (7 large and 4 small) and a lot of light adds to the spiritual skill and divinity of the temple.

Fans who will be fascinated by the famous black stone statues called “Krishna Shilalu” and the beautiful carvings of elephants and horses.

Minister T Harish Rao, Indrakaran Reddy, G Jagdish Reddy, V Srinivas Gaur, Srinivas Yadav, MLA G Sunitha and other invitees will also attend the inaugural function along with the Chief Minister.

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