After the poor performance of the Congress in the state elections, Raga speaks his heart out

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said he was not interested in power “like other politicians” but was more focused on understanding the country.

The 51-year-old was speaking at a book-launch event in Delhi when he expressed his disinterest in power-hoarding in the context of politics.

“There are politicians who are running for power. They think of gaining power everywhere. “They wake up in the morning and start thinking about how to save more energy and go to bed with the same thoughts. This country is full of such people. I was born in the center of power but to be honest, I have no interest in it. Instead, I try to understand and love the country, “Gandhi said.

“I want to know the country as much as a lover loves him. I have received a lot of love and hate from the country. Every hit of mine teaches something, “Gandhi added.

After the defeat of the Grand Old Party in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Gandhi formally resigned as the President of the Congress. Announcing his resignation, he posted a four-page letter on Twitter asking the party’s working committee to select a successor. The decision sparked an emotional backlash from politicians across the party line when the BJP launched an attack on Gandhi.

Meanwhile, Gandhi on Friday attacked the BJP for detaining a journalist and protesting the arrest of an artist and later forcing them to take off their underwear while in police custody in Madhya Pradesh, the ‘New India’ government claimed. Fear the truth. “The fourth pillar of democracy is broken in lockup! Either sit on the government’s lap and praise them, or go to jail, “Gandhi said in a tweet in Hindi, sharing a screenshot of a media report.

He added that the ‘New India’ government fears the truth. In Madhya Pradesh, local journalist Kanishka Tewari and several activists protesting against the arrest of Indravati Drama School director Neeraj Kund were detained and forced to take off their underwear on April 2 while in police custody in Sidhi district.

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