As the political storm continued unabated, the CBI started an investigation as Bogtoi became a ghost

The village of Bagatui, near the town of Rampurhat in the Birbhum district of West Bengal, is in a state of terrible peace. Eight people were killed in the blaze Earlier this week, a team from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrived in the village on Saturday and began investigating the violence.

Unidentified men set fire to 10 houses in the village on March 21, killing at least eight people, including women and children. The CBI team comprising about 20 members went inside the house where the burnt bodies of seven people were found.

The Calcutta High Court passed the order on Friday The investigation into the Birbhum murder is with the CBI And set a deadline of April 7 for the submission of its progress report. Meanwhile, the political storm over the Birbhum killings continues, with the ruling TMC claiming that opposition leaders are engaging in “narrow politics with corpses” and accusing the BJP-led Mamata Banerjee-led party of trying to shield the culprits. .

Birbhum Violence Latest Update:

CBI brought Anarul Hussain and 9 others to the camp for questioning

The CBI has brought 10 other accused, including Anarul Hussain, to the CBI camp for questioning. I’m talking News18 Earlier, Anarul denied all allegations against him, saying it was a conspiracy. He claimed that arson could have been avoided if the police had been more active.

If CBI only obeys BJP, we will protest: Mamata

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said the TMC would protest if the CBI acted as directed by the BJP. “I still think there is a conspiracy behind the Rampurhat incident. The CBI took charge. This is a good decision, but if they only follow the BJP’s lead, we are ready to protest, “he said.

The CBI started the investigation

A day after the Calcutta High Court handed over the Birbhum murder probe to the CBI and set a deadline of April 7 to submit its progress report, a CBI team Arriving at the village began the investigation. The CBI team is said to have done 3D imaging. “We are investigating today. “We have a meeting deadline and we have to conduct a war-based investigation,” the PTI quoted a CBI official as saying. A team from Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CSFL), a unit of the CBI, also visited the destroyed houses on Friday and started collecting samples.

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The CBI team will go to the hospital today

The CBI team will visit the hospital today as part of its investigation and will also visit Bataspur where some villagers are staying.

More than 50 CCTVs have been installed in Bagatui

In addition to day and night police patrols, more than 50 CCTV cameras have been installed in Bagatui village since the incident. A temporary police camp has been set up at Bagatui village.

Deploy 35 CRPF personnel under the protection of CBI team

A team of 35 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel has been deployed in Rampurhat to protect the CBI team investigating the case.

Crude bomb recovered in Birbhum

Police recovered an unexploded bomb in a plastic bag near a football field in Sikandarpur village in Birbhum district on Sunday. The news agency ANI reported that a CID bomb squad was called in to defuse the bombs.

It is learned that after the Birbhum incident, operations are underway to seize arms and ammunition in different parts of the state. Eight live bombs, three firearms were recovered from Jagddal, Bijpur and Bhatpara areas on Saturday, police said, adding that five accused were arrested.

Political tensions are going on

Although the ruling TMC claims that the opposition leaders are “engaging in narrow-minded politics with corpses”, the BJP has accused the Mamata Banerjee-led party of trying to shield the culprits. On Saturday, TMC state spokesperson Kunal Ghosh stressed that opposition parties were “trying to tarnish the image of the state government on the issue, even the administration is trying its best to bring justice” to the families of eight people killed in the violence at Bagatui village in Rampurhat town.

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Meanwhile, BJP’s Shuvendu Adhikari, who is also the Leader of the Opposition, said the truth would come out automatically if the phone call lists of several TMC leaders were checked. Adhikari, who led the BJP protests on Saturday, alleged that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was not concerned about keeping Bengal safe.

Residents fleeing Bagatui are afraid to return

There are many Bogtui residents Fled to a nearby village Fear in a sense of fear that violence may return. Most of the residents of Purbapara (Eastern area) where the killings took place on Tuesday morning have not left their homes in a hurry, but also the residents of the neighboring Paschimpara (West area) and the village Mayarpara (Mother area). Also escaped. The news agency PTI reported that the only state-run school in the area was also almost empty while the Anganwari was left empty with open doors.

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On Sunday morning, some villagers said they were willing to return but would first agree to see if they could stay in the village and see if they could return in full.

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