Birbhum massacre: BJP’s Rupa Ganguly breaks up with RS, says’ it is no more

On Friday, March 25, 2022, BJP MP Rupa Ganguly broke down while addressing the Rajya Sabha during the second part of the budget session of Parliament in New Delhi. (Sansad TV / PTI photo)

Eight people, including two children, have been killed in a suspected TMC panchayat officer’s murder in Bagatui village.

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Calling the incident a “genocide case”, BJP MP Rupa Ganguly broke up in the Rajya Sabha on Friday when she raised the issue of violence in Birbhum, where eight people were burnt to death. The Zero Hour (morning session) of the Rajya Sabha was briefly adjourned after Ganguly’s remarks due to the tumult of the ruling TMC party in Bengal.

Ganguly, who in his speech pointed out that these deaths were incidents of political assassination in the state, broke down that it was not a crime to be born in West Bengal. He demanded the imposition of presidential rule in West Bengal. “(People) were burned … there is no confidence in the police,” Ganguly said, adding that the autopsy report stated that the victims were first beaten and locked before being burned.

He called the incident a “genocide” and referred to other “political killings” in the state. “West Bengal is a part of India. Rupa Ganguly has demanded presidential rule in the state. We have the right to survive. Being born in West Bengal is not a crime,” said the BJP member, who was devastated.

His speech was criticized and retaliated against by Trinamool Congress (TMC) members and then some people gathered in the House Well raising slogans. The members of the treasury bench also chanted slogans.

The deputy chairman tried to restore order in Harivansh House, but the protesting members were relentless. The Deputy Chairman then adjourned the proceedings for about 25 minutes till 12:10 pm. After a brief adjournment, the House proceeded to the scheduled Q&A session.

Eight people, including two children, were burnt to death in Bagatui village in a suspected fall of a TMC panchayat official.

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