Cuttack CM Bomai on Kiran Majumdar-Shaw’s tweet on communal division

In response to Biocon chief Kiran Majumder-shaw’s remarks about the alleged growing religious divisions in Karnataka, state Chief Minister Basavaraj Bomai on Thursday appealed to all sections of society to exercise restraint before addressing the public on social issues, saying the issues could be resolved through dialogue. .

Claiming that Karnataka was “known for peace and tranquility”, Bomai sought the cooperation of the people to maintain “peace and prosperity” in the state. He said, “Many issues are being debated in the state. Uniforms have become mandatory, especially after the recent judgment of the Karnataka High Court. Related to other things, I only ask those who are concerned, we are conducting our lives based on our own personal beliefs. Everyone must work to create a peaceful environment. Karnataka is known for peace and tranquility. “

He continued, “Please maintain peace and harmony in public places and for this everyone has to cooperate. Karnataka is known for peace and progress. Everyone must make sure that peace prevails. When some social problem arises, people must talk, discuss and solve it together. “

Majumdar-Shaw’s tweet drew condemnation from the BJP as the party accused him of imposing personal and “politically colored” views and colluding with India’s leadership in the information technology and biotechnology sectors. Amit Malviya, in-charge of the BJP’s IT department, posted a page in Karnataka stating that the rules were framed when the Congress was in power, and highlighted the passage stating that “no property, including land, buildings or sites near the institution will be leased to non-Hindus”.

With the page, he tweeted, “It is good to see Kiran Shake waking up to the religious divisions of Karnataka. What did he say when a rebellious minority wanted to prioritize hijab over education or Congress made rules by excluding non-Hindus from Hindu institutions. He helped Congress draft their manifesto. Explain? “

Majumdar-Shaw tweeted about the denial of permission to non-Hindu traders and vendors to conduct business in the vicinity of temples during annual temple fairs and religious ceremonies in some parts of Karnataka. “Karnataka has always had inclusive economic development and we must not allow such communal exclusion – if ITBT becomes communal it will destroy our world leadership. @BSBommai please resolve this growing religious division,” he tweeted.

Later, Majumdar-shaw calls himself a proud Kannadiga and says vested interests are hijacking the issue. Expressing confidence in resolving the CM Bomai issue, he tweeted, “Unfortunately, vested interests are hijacking the issue to political parties. I am sure our Chief Minister @BSBommai will resolve the issue peacefully. I am a proud Kannada and do not want to see these events hinder economic progress. All parties have to work for this. ”

Further, referring to the media being extremely irresponsible in turning it into a BJP issue, he said, “I am completely confident that the BJP government? @BSBommai? This problem will be solved. ”

The denial of permission was initially initiated as the banner was erected during the annual Kaup Mariguri festival in Udupi district, stating that non-Hindu vendors and traders should not be allowed in and the management of the temple heeded the request of some Hindutva activists. After the organization, similar banners were displayed at the Padubidri temple festival and at several temples in Dakshina Kannada district.

Some Hindu activists have submitted memorandums to officials in different parts of the state, citing the Karnataka Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act, 1997. When the issue came up in the Assembly recently, the BJP government wanted to distance itself from it by quoting a rule. Where it has been said that no property including land, building near the place of worship will be leased to non-Hindus.

Also, some right-wing groups have recently called for a boycott of halal meat, ahead of ‘Barshadodaku’, the day after Ugadi, when many communities in the state hold non-vegetarian feasts. On Tuesday, BJP national general secretary City Ravi called halal food an “economic jihad.”

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