Did the enmity with truck extortion cause the Rampurhat violence in Bengal?

Anarul Hussain, president of the powerful Trinamool Congress bloc from Rampurhat in West Bengal, is now in police custody for the violence that took place in the area last week. Locals say he was helpful but also involved in heinous acts.

Sona Sheikh’s sister Sabina Bibi, whose family was killed in the violence, told News18: Vadhu Sheikh (gold rival, whose assassination sparked violence) was very powerful. They are behind all this. They used to collect money from lorries. “

A team from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) reached Bagatui village near Rampurhat on Saturday and launched an investigation into the violence. Unidentified men set fire to 10 houses in the village on March 21, killing nine people, including women and children.

Anarul, however, says he has been implicated in the case and there is a conspiracy.

News18 has also traveled to places where there are allegations of money laundering from trucks and lorries. In some parts of Rampurhat, special roof collection or “post office” has been set up near the highway for this purpose. And the trucks that pass by have to pay the price. Most of the collection comes from overloaded vehicles.

Some of the drivers, who did not want to be named, told News18: For each overloaded truck, we have to pay 500 rupees. The police and the politicians are all together. “

Everyone in the area knows the “postmaster” who collects the money. Many residents said Vadhu operated the racket and that no one questioned him because of the political protection of Anarul and another top leader in the area.

Ghiyasuddin Sheikh, a local resident, said, “Thus the local leaders have control over the police.”

On Monday, Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Sayan Ahmed was questioned for more than four hours over his murder. Rampurhat police station in-charge Trideep Pramanik was questioned on Tuesday.

So the role of the police is in doubt and the CBI is looking into it, the source said.

Locals say there are many ‘Vadu Sheikhs’ in the area whose livelihood depends on illegal collection. And the competition with this can sometimes take a terrible turn.

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