Just minutes before police arrived at Anarul’s home, News18 spoke to the TMC block prisons. Here

If anyone talks to the local villagers and promises not to reveal their names, the name that comes up is that of Anarul Hussain, TMC block president of Rampurhat. Local residents claim that he was close to Vadu Sheikh and the reason behind Vadu’s growing wealth. They said that it was Anarul who saved him from everything.

Just minutes before Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee directed the police to arrest Anarul Hussain, who was involved in the Rampurhat massacre. News18.com The TMC spoke to the leader exclusively, as he denied all allegations. He said it was a conspiracy against him. He claimed that if the police had been more active, the arson would not have happened. However, his sister Sabina Bibi alleged that Anarul was behind the violence. He controlled the police. He never let us down, ”he added.

Some people are naming you? What is your involvement?

It’s a complete conspiracy, I have nothing to do with it. It has to do with local village fights. No one knows who killed them and we do not know who set these houses on fire. This is a very sad event. Vadhu was younger than me. That’s what we used to see.

What was the role of the police that day?

I have something to say here. The police should have been more active. This incident could have been avoided. I think their case should be investigated. This is an unfortunate incident.

Did Vadhu tell you anything?

He met with me the first week of this month but he said nothing. He worked for a party. There were some problems in the village that were known.

Now how to build the confidence of the people of the village?

We want peace and we will do everything we can to restore confidence in this village. We all want to be united. Mamta Didi will come and we hope things will get better.

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