Mayawati almost ‘decimated’ from UP, looks back at Rahul Gandhi’s loss

After the Congress’s crushing defeat in the recent Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, the party could keep an eye on the important Dalit votebank in the northern state. Party leader Rahul Gandhi detailed the Congress’ efforts to bring the BSP on board ahead of Saturday’s election and “got no response” from Mayawati.

“Mayawati Display up He did not vote, we gave him the message to form an alliance but he did not respond. Kanshiram G raised the voice of Dalits in UP, though it influenced the Congress. This time he did not fight for Dalit voice because there are CBI, ED and Pegasus, ”said Rahul at a function.

The Bahujan Samaj Party led by Mayawati has seen the worst performance in the state assembly elections this year. Losing one seat, the former chief minister and Dalit leader blamed the BJP for “tarnishing” his image in the minds of Muslim voters as the reason for his defeat.

However, political experts said it was a failure of Mayawati’s votebank algorithm and a deviation from the BSP’s core ideology which could contribute to the party’s disappointing score.

Now, with Rahul Gandhi’s remarks, it seems that the Congress can focus on the Dalits in the region. According to the political grape, the party is now hoping to “recover the lost votebank of Dalits, Muslims and Brahmins, which existed until the mid-80s”.

Rahul Gandhi said that he had also proposed to appoint Mayawati as the Chief Minister in case of alliance. “But he did not answer me. If I had taken 1 taka, I would not have been able to talk here. Why Mayawati?” Display up Don’t talk? ”He said.

Rahul also touched on the stigma of caste in India, saying that it was the only country where ‘animals could be touched, but not humans’.

Political experts are now awaiting Mayawati’s response to the statement. The BSP claimed that the party would form an ‘iron robe’ government in UP before the polls. However, it is reduced to just one seat, one less than the Congress in a politically important state.

When Mayawati served four separate terms as UP chief minister, political pundits claimed that the BSP’s contradictory stance during the campaign had almost removed it from the central stage in Uttar Pradesh.

“He has repeatedly issued statements that seemed to support the BJP and Amit Shah retaliated by testifying to the BSP’s relevance in Uttar Pradesh politics. Naturally, the anti-BJP vote moved away from the BSP because they felt an alliance with the BJP after the election. Moreover, the absence of Dalit leadership in the party makes the Dalits look for green pastures. Some have gone with the BJP and some with the SP, “senior political analyst Professor RK Dixit told IANS.

The Congress also witnessed a disappointing performance in the state, where leader Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra led a women-centric campaign like ‘Ladki Hu Lad Shakti Hu’. After the poor performance of the Grand Old Party in the five states that went to the polls, Sonia Gandhi demanded the resignation of the party leaders. The G-23 group of rebel leaders in Congress, who had previously written a letter to the recovery, are also trying to push for a change in the party’s effectiveness and tactics.

With input from Pranashu Mishra in Lucknow.

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