Modi on the occasion of ‘Graha Pravesh’

Mangilal and his wife Kaberi, a man in their fifties from Khedi Savli village in Betul, had no home of their own for most of their lives and had to suffer a lot in their personal and social life. The couple is part of a 5.21 lakh house built under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme (Rural) which was dedicated to the beneficiaries in the virtual presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday.

Mangilal said that despite decades of hardship over a mud house, his family was in trouble because their guests who would come to their house for his son’s daughter’s wedding refused to see their house and finalize the relationship. But since the house was built under PMAY, the two siblings have fixed their marriage in the last few months.

Another beneficiary, Binod Kushwaha from Bidisha’s Gram Panchayat Jarguva, said his family life was a painful one because they covered their mud house with polythene sheets and could not sleep at night due to their knocking. In the rain, the roof and leaks. “Now thanks to Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, we can live a peaceful life,” Kushwaha said.

For women like Adivasi Vidyabai of Gunar Kadhaiya village, the scheme not only brought a paved roof but also additional benefits like tap connection, toilet and LPG connection. “We not only got a paved roof but also got water supply, LPG connection and a built-in toilet which made our life easier and I don’t have to go out for daily work,” said Vidya.

Co-ownership of women, a case study for global universities: Prime Minister Modi

In a virtual mode, Prime Minister Modi described PMAY home co-ownership as a new chapter in women’s empowerment, marking the dedication of 5.21 lakh rural families built under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme in Virtual Mode. Co-ownership has suggested women have more to say in other domestic decisions and this could be a good case study for Madhya Pradesh as well as universities around the world. The project is co-owned by about 20 million housewives and has linked it to the concept of women’s empowerment inherent in the country’s culture, which will soon be symbolized during the Navratri celebrations.

The event was organized by the MP government at Chhatarpur in Bundelkhand.

“We are providing additional facilities like toilet, tap water supply and LPG connection in these houses so that the family does not have to run around for these additional facilities,” she said. “The previous government built only a few lakh houses for the poor but my government has so far built 2.5 crore houses for the poor, including about 20 million in rural areas, which reflects the BJP’s sense of service,” she said.

The Prime Minister further said that PMAY has strengthened the rural economy by strengthening construction and related activities. “We are close to providing tap water to 5 million rural households,” he added.

“In this budget, we have allocated Rs 2.25 lakh crore for the construction of 80 lakh houses in rural areas,” said Prime Minister Modi, adding that an honest government and empowered poor could easily fight poverty. “Since 2014, we have removed 40 million fake names from the ration list and installed thumb impression machines in ration shops to reach the ration beneficiaries,” Modi said.

Underlining the goals set for Azadi Ka Amritkal, the Prime Minister said the goal is to reach out to each individual beneficiary with welfare schemes as well as saturation of schemes (100 per cent completion).

He stressed on the importance of constructing Amrit Sarovar (75 ponds) in each district to compensate for the loss of ground water due to indiscriminate exploitation of water resources.

Shivraj Chauhan has invited Prime Minister Modi

On the occasion, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan invited Prime Minister Modi to inaugurate the Ken-Betwa river connection project in Bundelkhand and when the ceremony will be completed. The project will invest Rs 44,000 crore and expand irrigation facilities to 20 lakh acres of land. He thanked the Prime Minister for changing the lives of the poor through this project. He announced to increase the financial support of Kanya Viva Yojana from Rs 51,000 to Rs 55,000. Next year, we will build 1 million more homes for the poor.

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