Modi said family members kept the poor as a vote bank, they are now sleepless

Digital Desk, Lucknow. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that family members who used to be the vote bank of the poor are now sleepless. They think their vote bank is going away. Prime Minister Modi was addressing a public meeting in Fatehpur. He said family members kept the poor as a vote bank, now they are sleepless. You have ruined the country with this vote bank. Do good to my countrymen, the people of the country are generous. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the thoughts of the extreme family members start from the family and end in the family. It is not possible to run a big state like UP with this small thought.

That is why UP is saying once again – if it comes, only BJP will come, only Yogi will come. He said that for centuries, extreme family members have come to power and done something for small farmers. False declarations in the name of farmers fill the gap between relatives and family members. He said that the suffering of the poor animals should be reduced, we are concerned to alleviate your suffering. The people of Fatehpur will never forget how the people of the previous government used to oppress them here. Occupying government land, illegal mining mafias have destroyed the whole area.

Yogiji’s government has done the right thing by treating these mafias. Extreme family members close down sugarcane mills, nurture illegal mining mafias without irrigation facilities. Such projects were suppressed for decades, but then the farmers of Bundelkhand did not remember. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the problem of family members is that if the country’s poor, dalits, backward, tribals get power, then those who do vote bank politics will be left out of politics. The cut-commission mafia will be defeated in the ground self-help campaign. Modi said that nowadays these people are also opposing the self-reliant India campaign. They still want to make India dependent on others. But this country does not want to be subjugated anymore. We should be proud of the things that are made here.

Narendra Modi said in Fatehpur that two people are afraid of vaccines – one is coronavirus and the other is anti-vaccine people. If the record vaccine has been administered, these people are asking why the government is spending so much money on vaccines. Whether the government should spend money to save the lives of the people. The government has spent more than Tk 44,000 crore to bring water to the land in the double engine irrigation project.

Why would I want to complete the Betwa Link project, but family members would block it if given the chance. Our government is conducting water campaign in every house here. The BJP government has affection for Fatehpur and this area. Extreme familists moved away from here, but the BJP understood Fatehpur’s aspirations and fulfilled them.


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