Naga peace talks are coming, BJP will do well in next year’s assembly elections: S.

As the first female Rajya Sabha member of Nagaland, S. Fangnan Konyak generated a lot of interest during the swearing in of Parliament on April 4. The president of the BJP Nagaland Mahila Morcha, who stood as the unanimous candidate of the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in the state, was elected unopposed. In an exclusive interview with News18, Connach shared his thoughts on key issues in Nagaland that he plans to raise in Parliament, the troubling issue of the insurgency and next year’s Assembly elections. Edited parts:

How did it feel to take the oath after the traditional Naga dress?

For me, it was a great feeling. I was proud of my state. I wore the traditional dress and attire of my homeland. My dress and my culture have given me the strength to swear.

How do you get support from others?

The seniors on my team are helping me a lot. This responsibility puts a lot of pressure on me. I have hopes for everyone … leaders, colleagues … I have to perform to meet everyone’s expectations.

Which issue of Nagaland to raise in Parliament?

Nagaland has many problems. The people have a great desire for this government, I will highlight their demands. I will emphasize development opportunities and highlight new things that can be done.

The Nagaland rebellion has always been a problem. How would you address this?

The government is looking into the matter. The BJP is very serious about the North-East issue. Nagaland has a unique history and culture; All this has been taken into consideration. Negotiations for peace are round the corner. Everyone wants a peaceful solution. Things will be in the right place soon.

Elections will be held in Nagaland next year. What are your expectations?

The BJP will do well. There has never been a woman MLA in Nagaland. This year, I will do my best to get at least women tickets and we can get an on-ground female representative from Nagaland.

What is your opinion about the shooting incident in Otting village? You belong to the same tribe and village …

It is a coincidence that I come from the same village and tribe. The killing of ordinary people is very sad. The government has formed a committee, a Special Investigation Team (SIT). They will submit the report soon. Community leaders have also made their demands known to the government. Let’s see.

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