Produce more children or India will be ‘Hindu-less’, says Yati Narsinghananda

Narsinghanand was arrested on December 17-19 last year on charges of organizing a religious rally in Haridwar and was later released on bail, where he made provocative speeches against Muslims. (PTI)

He said a Dharma Sangsad would be held from August 12 to 14 in Mathura-Govardhan region to awaken Hinduism.

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Controversial observer Yati Narsinghananda, who is out on bail in the Haridwar hate speech case, has called on Hindus to produce more children in the coming decades to prevent the country from becoming Hindu-less.

Mathematical calculations say a non-Hindu will be prime minister in 2029, the chief priest of Ghaziabad’s Dasna temple told reporters in Govardhan on Thursday without elaborating on how he came to this conclusion. If, once, a non-Hindu becomes prime minister, then in 20 years, this country will become a ‘Hindu-less’ (Hindu-less) nation, he added.

He said that in order to awaken Hinduism, a Dharma Sangsad would be held in Mathura-Govardhan region from 12 August to 14 August. Narsinghananda was arrested on December 17-19 last year for organizing a religious parliament in Haridwar and was later released on bail. Where provocative statements were made against Muslims.

He attended a ‘Hindu Mahapanchayat’ at Burari ground in Delhi last Sunday and remarked that 50 per cent Hindus would convert within 20 years if a Muslim became the Prime Minister of India and called on Hindus to take up arms for war. For their existence.

The Delhi government then said it had denied permission for the event but the organizers went ahead with it.


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