RJD’s Tej Pratap invites Nitish Kumar to rejoin grand alliance

RJD chief Lalu Prasad’s eldest son Tej Pratap Yadav has invited Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to rejoin the ‘grand alliance’.

On Twitter, Tej Pratap shared a poster with his picture on one side of the frame and “Pravesh Nitish Chacha (Uncle)” on the other.

Tej Pratap’s move comes at a time when the BJP and the JD-U are at loggerheads over a number of issues, including the race-based census, the NDA’s leadership in Bihar, the liquor ban and the law and order situation.

Recently, BJP leader and minister Janak Ram claimed that the BJP was the single largest party in the Bihar Assembly with 77 seats while the JD-U had only 45 seats. So the chief minister should come from the BJP quota. He also suggested banning loudspeakers for azan (prayer in the mosque).

Several netizens taunted Tej Pratap for the post because a few years ago, he stood outside Rabri Devi’s residence with a placard that read “Uncle Nitish cannot be entered.”

Many have questioned him for stepping back from his previous position.

Notably, the JD-U, led by Nitish Kumar, contested the 2015 assembly elections with the RJD and the Congress party and formed the government.

In that election, the JD-U won only 69 seats while the RJD won 80 seats, yet Lalu Prasad gave Yadav the post of Chief Minister to Nitish Kumar.

After 15 months in power, Nitish Kumar left the grand alliance and joined the NDA to form the government in Bihar. At that time, the BJP had only 54 seats in the state assembly.

After seceding from the grand alliance, the RJD had always claimed that the people of Bihar had ordered Nitish Kumar to run the government with the RJD and the Congress, not with the BJP. Even then Nitish Kumar went with the BJP and formed the government. RJD alleges that Nitish Kumar stole the mandate to form a government with the BJP in Bihar.

After that episode, Tej Pratap Yadav stood with a placard saying “Nitish Kumar has no entry in the grand alliance.”

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