Son of Sonia’s top lieutenant Ahmed Patel ‘opens his options’ before Gujarat

Faisal Patel, son of the late veteran Congress leader Ahmed Patel, has openly expressed his displeasure against the grand-old party, adding that he has left his options open, saying he is “tired of waiting”.

In a mysterious tweet targeting the Congress, Patel said, ‚ÄúTired of waiting around. There is no encouragement from the top. Keep my options open. “

Ahmed Patel was a senior leader from Gujarat and Sonia Gandhi’s political secretary. During the UPA government from 2004 to 2014, he was one of the top leaders of the party. He died in 2020.

But after Patel’s death, his son was not given any assurance by the party. Ahmed Patel was a long time member of the party and was considered one of the most powerful leaders of the party after the Gandhi family.

However, Faisal Patel’s statement is another blow to the party, which has failed to entertain the aspirations of its young cadres. The Congress has recently witnessed multiple defections from within the party, where party leaders have shifted to the BJP. Another group of veteran Congress leaders, called the G-23, has publicly objected to the party’s work.

Faisal’s tweet came days after he said he would visit seven assembly seats in Gujarat’s Varuch and Narmada districts. The state may hold assembly elections in December this year.

“From April 1, I will visit 6 assembly seats in Bharuch and Narmada districts. My party will assess the current reality of the political situation and make major changes if necessary to achieve our core goal – God willing, we will have to win 7 seats, “said Faisal Patel.

In his political career, Ahmed Patel did not make any official entry into the politics of his children. He had a huge following in Gujarat across the party line and had a significant influence on his own field in Varuch.

In April 2021, Faisal met Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and raised the issue of looking outside the Congress in New Delhi. He shared a picture of himself with Kejriwal on social media, where he wrote, “We are finally proud to meet Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal! As a resident of Delhi, I am a fan of his work ethic and leadership skills. Discusses the effects of artificial intelligence on humanity and the current political situation in the country. ”

Meanwhile, AAP is looking forward to expand its footprint in the state after a successful innings in Punjab. The party has made it clear that it will contest the upcoming assembly elections in the state.

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