The BJP is banking on these key ministers to protect UP in the 2024 elections

The cabinet portfolios of the new Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh have been allotted to a mix of young, new and experienced hands in view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wants to ensure that the UP government provides welfare measures and projects and enhances the infrastructure to bring about a visible change in the state before the Lok Sabha elections.

According to AK Verma, a political commentator who has studied the politics of Uttar Pradesh intensively, social engineering and ambitious politics go beyond the politics of identity. “It simply came to our notice then. Most people in the cabinet are young or new, which is a strategic move. The BJP is a party that believes in recruiting newcomers. Some portfolios are given to newcomers, but there will be bureaucrats to help them, ”he said.

During the 2022 competition, the CM retained the Yogi section as a key piece of law and order.

During the UP election campaign, the opposition made a statement against the BJP, claiming that they did not control unemployment. The expert believes that the issues raised while allocating portfolios have been factored out.

“The BJP has not only retained its share of votes, but has added. This is unusual for any current government. Major issues like state unemployment may have to be considered during the allocation, ”Verma said.

AK Sharma, who is believed to be close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been given the important responsibility of delivering on this front. He has been given the responsibility of the state’s Urban Development Agency (SUDA) for ‘earning a living and uplifting the poor’.


The leaders of the party think that the mistakes of the previous government have been corrected in the distribution of departments. Now, there is a balance of communities and their representation, along with a perfect mix of experienced administrative hands and first-time ministers who will learn on the job.

With Prime Minister Modi’s focus on improving the country’s health sector, the state has already set up 60 medical colleges. A key portfolio – Health, Medical Education – is dedicated to Brajesh Pathak, who once expressed concern about his government’s inadequate response to Kovid.

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Jitin Prasad, an important Brahmin face of the state, has been given an important portfolio – Public Works Department.

“According to CSDS, the BJP got 42% of the vote and most of it, about 60%, came from OBCs and MBCs. At the time of portfolio allocation, however, it seems that the BJP is again focusing mainly on its core vote bank. Earlier, there was news of Brahmin dissent, however, CSDS data shows that Brahmins mainly voted for BJP. This time, the BJP will not want any Brahmin dissent before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, ”said Pradeep Sharma, a political commentator and assistant professor at Shia PG College.

Mahendra Singh, an assistant professor of political science at Deendayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, said, “It is a perfect balance of caste and talent. Last year, the health budget was also increased and this is a focus area for the government. It is important to give responsibility to the reader, “said Singh.

Infra push

Many experts believe that the most important portfolio in the cabinet is in the hands of AK Sharma. Sharma has also found an alternative source of energy for urban development and energy.

“Metro cities in UP need to be redesigned with better living standards, and uninterrupted power supply is key. In the alternative energy resources sector, ethanol will play a major role and reduce dependence on conventional sources, “Singh added.

With the Har Ghar Jal Yojana, which ensures tap drinking water supply to every household, at the top of the minds of central and state governments, former BJP state chief independent Dev Singh has been given charge of the water power ministry. He will oversee and coordinate with the Center on the Namami Ganga project aimed at cleaning up the river.

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“After Ujjwala, houses and toilets for the poor, tap water in every home is going to be the next big project to touch the masses of the state,” says Mahendra Singh.

Keshab Prasad Maurya has been given the charge of the rural development department, as the BJP believes that rural support is needed for success in the elections.

Jat leader Lakshmi Narayan Chowdhury has been given the responsibility of sugarcane development and sugar mill. “The Jats were dissatisfied with the government over cannabis. Now, one of them will deal with Jat dissatisfaction, if there is one in the future, “said a state party leader.

Former bureaucrat

Two Yogi government bureaucrats have also been given key posts – former IAS officer AK Sharma and former IPS officer Asim Arun. In the previous Yogi government, the ministry of urban development was given to Ashutosh Tandon, while the ministry of energy was given to Srikanth Sharma. This time, however, the two ministers have been dropped from the Yogi cabinet.

As Dalits support the BJP, Asim Arun has been tasked with ensuring that the SC / ST communities are provided with all the welfare initiatives of the state government.

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Speaking to News18, retired IAS officer Ram Bahadur said that both the officers have good service record and they are aware of the problems of the people. “Both officers have considerable work experience. Also, AK Sharma has worked at the center, while Arun has enough experience with family background. Both officers are sensitive and competent and are now tasked with correcting errors within their department. Importantly, the government seems to be very serious about implementing various projects for the public, “he said.

Ministers from the West North

In the case of portfolio allocations, attempts have been made to resolve differences in the western part of the state by enhancing the status of Western UP ministers. Suresh Rana’s office, sugarcane and sugar, has been given to Chowdhury Lakshmi Narayan of Western UP. Jaybir Singh has got an important category like tourism. Bareilly’s Dharmapal Singh, who was dropped from the cabinet in the first government, has been given six portfolios this time.

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The most amazing are the sections given to Baby Rani Maurya. He was expected to be given a key post in the cabinet, but he was given the portfolio of Swati Singh, Women and Child Welfare.

Allies and portfolios

The BJP’s main ally in the UP Assembly elections, Apna Dal (S) and Nishad Dal had hoped for some important portfolios, but Ashish Patel of Apna Dal has been given technical education and Sanjay Nishad has been given a department like Fisheries which doubles the income of fishermen and related workers. The challenge.

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