The Congress vote will make it clear that Gandhi will be the party chief from outside the family:

Veteran Congress leader Kamal Nath has said that the party president’s frustration with being out of the Gandhi family will become clear in the next three months after the organizational elections.

Nath, who is also the President of the MPCC and Leader of the Opposition in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly, has personally stated that he does not want any position. “I have not applied to anyone to be the party chief in 2018,” Nath said.

Regarding the demand for the appointment of a Congress president from outside the Gandhi family, Nath said the issue would be resolved if the party organizational elections were held within three months. He added, however, that one has to think of party leaders who sit in New Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore and talk about the country.

At G-23, a rebel faction within the Congress party that is pushing for organizational restructuring in the Grand Old Party, the MPCC chief said G-23 was close to him because these leaders had worked with him for decades. “They demanded organizational elections and we are abiding by them. All their demands have been met, “he said.

“Elections cannot be held without proper membership so membership will be completed within three months,” he added. “Those who sit in Bhopal, New Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore and speak of the country without understanding the village and the city, should be taken care of.”

Asked about holding the two posts of MPCC chief and Leader of the Opposition, Nath said he had never applied for any post. “I was in New Delhi and was satisfied and did not ask anyone to appoint me as the MPCC chief in 2018,” added the former chief minister who was appointed PCC chief in the run-up to the May 2018 assembly elections.

He added, “I have no personal desire to be in any position.

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