The Gujarat government is expected and will deliver a scheme for new mothers as BJP women

Addressing the workers on the founding day of the BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the contribution of women in the party’s electoral victory and said that the states facing elections are learning from it, especially Gujarat.

With women at the center of its electoral strategy, the BJP government in Gujarat, before the state assembly elections, is ready to unveil the ‘Supervised Mother Healthy Child Scheme’ aimed at ensuring health care for mothers and their children. This project has been announced in the budget recently.

According to the estimates of the state government, about 17 lakh beneficiaries will get benefits under this scheme.

Senior leaders also cited Uttar Pradesh as an example where the government’s free rations and praise for female voters for improved law and order ensured the party’s victory.

The BJP believes that the project aimed at healthy mothers and children will be one of the game changers in the polls scheduled for later this year.

The Prime Minister, while addressing the workers on the founding day of the BJP, credited women for winning the party in every election. The Prime Minister further said that it was not just an election event, but an awareness of social and nationalist nature.

Known as the Sustainable Mother Healthy Child Scheme (SMSBY), this scheme works to project the first 1,000 days of human life, including the 270 days of the fetus, as crucial.

The main objectives of the scheme are to focus on 1,000 days of proper care and nutrition for mothers and children, to improve the nutritional status of pregnant women as well as children aged 0-24 months registered under the National Food Security Act, Gujarat.

“During pregnancy and lactation, mothers need extra calories and protein for the fetus and for its own good nutrition,” said a senior official.

A provision has been made in the budget recently and sources said the project will be launched soon focusing on the health of expectant and new mothers, a senior BJP leader said.

Senior officials overseeing the project told that the government would provide free nutrition kits.

“All the beneficiaries registered at the Anganwari Center have 1 kg of tur dal, 2 kg of lamb and 1 kg of edible oil per month. The raw ration of the kit will be distributed with micronutrient-rich take home ration (THR). It will meet about 55% of the average daily requirement of protein and energy during pregnancy and lactation, “said an official.

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