The JKNPF chief says hundreds of parties have joined to strengthen it

To make a fresh political start in Jammu and Kashmir, hundreds of people joined the Jammu and Kashmir Nationalist People’s Front (JKNPF) membership drive in Srinagar on Sunday, party president Sheikh Muzaffar said. He emphasized the need to focus on public relations, and said that it was even more important now with the crisis over time.

He said, however, that the JKNPF leadership would make the final decision on their inclusion in the party.

“Those who believe in the politics of making the lives of ordinary people prosperous and miserable have no place in today’s world. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are now well aware of these issues. They cannot be deceived by family promises and false promises. “People across the J&K associated with this kind of family politics are coming forward to join hands with our party but we have rejected them because they believe in separatist ideology and incite people against good governance,” Sheikh said.

Sheikh said it is inspiring and encouraging to see people from all walks of life joining the team to strengthen it and make it an effective alternative.

Despite the first day of Ramadan, many, including mainstream political leaders and social activists, joined the JKNPF in the presence of Sheikh and party patron Sanjay Kumar.

The party leadership says it has rejected “several” people who directly or indirectly support separatism. Such people will not be allowed in the party, JKNPF insisted.

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“We believe in peace, development, prosperity and do not want to deceive people with false promises and hopes. We cannot keep them in the dark. Our party believes in showing the way where everyone can imagine a peaceful Kashmir, “said Kumar, the party’s patron.

He further said that the objective of JKNPF was to “work for the future of Kashmir where every person can feel safe in his own place”.

Among those who joined the JKNPF were Kashmiri Hindu Manoj Tandon, hundreds of youths from Kupwara district in north Kashmir, Mufti Nisar and Kari Ashraf. Several women and youths attending the event indicated that the people of Kashmir were moving towards a new beginning and change, the party said.

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