The Yadadri temple is fully prepared for the grand inauguration on Monday; Chief Minister Tagana will be present,

After several disasters, the famous Yadadri temple is set for a grand inauguration for the people of Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday.

The Chief Minister, who had allocated Rs 1,280 crore for the renovation of the temple, will offer prayers at 11.55 am as part of the auspicious Mahasamproksha Yagam of the temple.

Interestingly, the husband of spiritual leader Chinna Jaira, who was named Yadagirigutta ‘Yadadri’, is less likely to attend the ceremony.

Temple executive officer (EO) Geetha said they did not extend any special invitation to the husband as everyone was welcomed for the grand inauguration. “The grand program will be conducted on March 28 at 11.55 am in the midst of the Maha Kumbh Broadcasting Yagam,” he said.

Authorities have arranged for the grand inauguration of the Yadadri temple with Maha Kumbh broadcasts and other pujas.

On 21st March, the priests of the temple started a 7-day ritual to mark the grand inauguration with 108 urns and 108 urns which used water from Kaleshwaram for the temple which is the abode of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swami.

The Chief Minister will dedicate the temple to the country. Fans will be allowed to visit after 5 pm and special pujo will be offered to mark the glorious resumption of Lakshmi Narsingh Swami Temple.

A spectacular treat of sculpture for visitors to the Yadadri temple with its magnificent architecture. Brightly illuminated in alluring colors, the Yadadri temple boasts of the majesty of its structure, along with the innumerable variety of wonderful sculptures.

The temple features statues of various deities in a unique combination of Kakatiya, Pallava, Chalukya and Dravidian architecture. Inside the temple, devotees are greeted with spectacular arches with 52 gold urns and four small temples and 22 beautifully carved pillars.

The main hall of the temple is a must see as it is 52 feet long and 36 feet wide with ample natural light and ventilation.

The temple has 12 colorful chandeliers (7 large and 4 small) and a lot of light adds to the spiritual skill and divinity of the temple.

Fans who will be fascinated by the famous black stone statues called “Krishna Shilalu” and the beautiful carvings of elephants and horses.

Minister T Harish Rao, Indrakaran Reddy, G Jagdish Reddy, V Srinivas Gaur, Srinivas Yadav, MLA G Sunitha and other invitees will also attend the inaugural function along with the Chief Minister.

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