UP Congress collapses after Priyanka Gandhi steps down after election defeat, leaders say

It has been almost a month since the Congress suffered its worst defeat in the Assembly elections and the party is now reeling from the absence of party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra.

The party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about two-thirds of the 403 seats. About 387 party candidates have had their bails confiscated. Party candidates in 10 seats received less votes than NOTA.

Dissatisfaction with the ruling party is growing and party leaders are being fired or resigned at alarming rates.

“Priyanka Gandhi is not willing to listen to what the Bhadra party workers are saying. He did not come to Lucknow after the election results were announced and his party is happy to take action against anyone who speaks. I am an AICC member but his team expelled him even though it was against the rules. If they think that expelling dissidents will save Congress, they are wrong, “said Zeeshan Haider, a senior leader of the recently expelled party.

He said about 9,000 party leaders and workers had either left or been expelled since Priyanka Gandhi was appointed general secretary in charge of Uttar Pradesh.

“It seems that Gandhians are not willing to solve problems and problems. For them it doesn’t matter that the party is almost over. The Congress president did not respond to our letter and he did not agree to meet with us, “he added.

Another former Congress MP who spoke to IANS on condition of anonymity said, “Candidates and senior leaders should have called a meeting to discuss the reasons for Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra’s defeat. We are just two years away from the Lok Sabha elections and if this sandy attitude continues Congress will be wiped out in the dustbin of history. “

Surprisingly, Priyanka, who based her campaign on ‘Ladki Huh, Chele Shakti Huh’, did not even look back at the party in the aftermath of the vote.

The state unit is also in a state of turmoil after Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee president Ajay Kumar Lalu was asked to resign last month.

“It simply came to our notice then. None of the party leaders went to the party office and no political activity was taking place after the vote, “said an employee of the UPCC office.

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